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"Tim has been an invaluable Advisor for our rapidly growing business over several years and through multiple major milestones. His advice has allowed us to avoid pitfalls and scale successfully and I cannot endorse him highly enough."  
Matt deWit | Founder & CEO | Wit Ventures

Don't Do It Alone

Tim Martinez | Advisor

"All great leaders have a trusted advisor in their corner"

Tim Martinez, Founder | The Inside Man

"Through the years I've had the pleasure (and some times pain) of working through seemingly impossible business problems with Tim Martinez. I can say truly the wealth of experience he has stored inside him has been poured into our business in droves."
Will Turner, President | ARTFORM Ventures, Inc


"Tim’s approach and methodology have directly impacted our company’s bottom line. Having a more efficient operation has created new opportunities and growth for our business as well as tools that we will bring with us to the future."
Summer Taylor, Strategic Operations | Interplan West

Your Trusted Advisor





"Ultimately, Tim is the go-to-guy that I can always count on and trust. In some situations, he rolls up his sleeves and dives in with whiteboard brainstorms or in other cases he recommends qualified vendor recommendations. In all situations he is a trusted partner."
Jill Albert | President | Direct Results

Change Starts Now

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"We found Tim to be a complete professional, incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of business strategy and sales. No matter how our business has flexed, he's been right there to offer advice and information to help support our growth. Our confidence and trust in him as an advisor has only grown with the current crisis in our industry in which he has been an incredible rock of support. We would wholeheartedly recommend him to any business looking to streamline their workflow and grow their success."  
Heather Shaw | President | Vita Motus Design Studios


Key Benefits

  • Decision Making Support
  • Strategic Breakthroughs
  • Clarity and Alignment
  • Improved Financial Performance
  • Strengthened Professional Network

"Tim has been a trusted advisor when it comes to bringing strategy and wise council to Music City Crypto and our strategic relationships. He doesn’t give you the easy way out , but his direct yet laid back approach makes it easier to navigate uncharted waters and stay the course."
Brandon David Hawkins | Founder | Music City Crypto

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Seeking: Capital, Growth Strategy, Acquisitions, Exits & Succession Planning

Role: Business Owners, Presidents, CEO's & C-Suite Executives

Lower & Middle Market, All Industries

Business Stage: 5yrs - 100yrs
Annual Revenue: $2M - $500M
EBITDA: $1M - $100M

"Tim was always a pleasure to bring into program sessions and someone I could always count on to help guide my founders in the right direction. From pitching to strategy to simply overcoming their imposter syndrome, Tim had a knack for getting founders out of a rut and off the runway."
Wes Richardson, Program Director | Entrepreneurship Center Nashville


Tim Martinez a.k.a "The Inside Man"

is a highly sought after business advisor credited for helping thousands of business professionals

all over the world. 

He leverages his high-profile network 

to help his clients navigate a wide range of

business challenges while in turn,

elevating his clients to become part of his

high-profile network. 

It is TIM's personal mission to improve every

business he comes in contact with.

Image by Lukas Blaskevicius

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