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Space Is Limited

The Inside Mastermind is open to 12 members only. All interested parties must apply to join the group. 

Why Join?

  • Shared Wisdom and Experience: Collective wisdom allows each participant to tap into a vast pool of expertise, insights and knowledge.

  • Objective Feedback: Unfiltered, honest and objective feedback to identify blind spots, uncover new perspectives and refine your decision-making process.

  • Accountability and Goal Setting: Accountability toward goals from the group helps you stay focused, motivated, and on track to achieve objectives.

  • ​Networking Opportunities: Open doors to an extensive network of like-minded professionals which in many cases can lead to new partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities.

  • Personal Growth and Development: Exposure to different leadership styles and problem-solving approaches to enhance your skills.

  • Confidentiality and Trust: This safe environment allows members to discuss sensitive issues openly and seek advice without fear of judgment.

  • Brainstorming and Innovation: Engaging with the group serves as a fertile ground for brainstorming new ideas and solutions to complex challenges.

  • Reduced Isolation: A supportive community where you can share burdens and triumphs.

  • Increased Motivation and Confidence: Boost your motivation and confidence. Knowing that other successful leaders face similar challenges and are working towards similar goals can be incredibly empowering.

Member Benefits

Increase professional and personal growth, success in business and a stronger sense of camaraderie amongst your peers in business. 

Monthly Group Meetings

Once per month, members join a group call to discuss their most pressing issues, set goals, report on progress and gain actionable feedback from the collective mind.

1-1 Meeting w/Group Leader

Once a month members will have a one-hour, 1-1 in-person meeting with the group leader to discuss challenges, obstacles and strategy.

In-Person Events

Twice per year members will join together in-person for a full day event to learn, network, strengthen relationships and gain feedback and direction from the group.


Enrollment begins October 1st 2023

The Power of the Peer Group

Peer Accountability & Support

Members challenge each other to set goals and then hold each other accountable to meeting those goals, helping each other achieve success.

Collective Brain Power 

Members share knowledge, ideas, resources, solutions, best practices, perspectives, wisdom and strategies to help each other learn more and succeed faster together vs independently.

Enhanced Network

Members enjoy the benefit of instantly increasing the size of their professional network, allowing for extended service capabilities and new business possibilities.

Meet Your Group Leader


Tim Martinez a.k.a "The Inside Man" is a veteran entrepreneur and highly sought after business advisor credited for helping thousands of business professionals all over the world. 

He leverages his high-profile network to help his clients navigate a wide range of business challenges while in turn,

elevating his clients to become part of his high-profile network. 

It is TIM's personal mission to improve every business he comes in contact with.

"Nothing great was ever accomplished alone, yet together we can move mountains"

Tim Martinez, Founder | The Inside Man

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