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We specialize in solving CEO's biggest and most urgent challenges by leveraging our Global Network of 250+ Vetted Experts

How It Works

Discovery Call

Book a call to discuss the details of your need. We will have an in-depth conversation surrounding the nature of your problem, approaches to solutions, potential resources needed, timelines, budgets, decision making process and stakeholders.

Vendor Selection

After the discovery call, The Inside Man begins to have internal conversations with a range of strategic in-network partners to find the right fit to fill your needs. Vendors are selected based upon their skills, expertise, availability, background and ability to work within your requirements.


Once internal vendors are selected The Inside Man will make introductions and coordinate an initial interview between both parties. After the interview call it is up to the vendor to present a scope of work, fees structure and engagement agreement.

Benefits of 
Professional Sourcing

Use The Inside Man's Network for your Benefit

Time Reduction & Managed Sourcing

Sourcing the right partners to support you with strategic financial decision can prove to be a lengthy and in-depth process, especially if this is your first time around. A considerable amount of time, effort and energy can be saved by leveraging The Inside Man's network in many cases with no upfront cost to you. 

Extended Reach & Deep Database

Most clients are familiar with only a handful of professional firms and in many cases have little to no direct experience working with them. The Inside Man brings over 20 years of experience working hand-in-hand with a wide range of small to large firms. 

Whether you are just getting started on your search or are interested in having another option to interview, utilizing The Inside Man's network will add value to your process. 

Strategic Guidance

The Inside Man provides real-time strategic insight, guidance and recommendations towards achieving your goals. Working directly with Tim will provide an opportunity to look at the need behind the need in an effort to get crystal clear on the best path forward and in-turn the ideal vendors to get introduced to. 

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