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About Tim Martinez

With a genuine passion for steering businesses toward success, Tim thrives on empowering leaders to drive positive change within their organizations and communities. His journey as a serial entrepreneur spanning over two decades has equipped him with invaluable insights across various industries, from software to media & entertainment, mergers & acquisitions, and beyond.

In 2006, Tim established a strategic consulting practice, leveraging his extensive experience to assist CEOs and executive teams in overcoming complex challenges and unlocking new opportunities for growth. His approach is grounded in the belief that effective leadership not only enhances business performance but also fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Beyond his consulting endeavors, Tim is deeply committed to supporting family-owned businesses in building succession and exit plans that ensure long-term sustainability and legacy preservation. With his expertise in mergers & acquisitions, he guides these businesses through crucial transitions, enabling them to navigate change with confidence and clarity.

As a strategic advisor, Tim is dedicated to helping clients optimize their time and resources, enabling them to focus on what truly matters for their success. He actively cultivates relationships with like-minded community leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators, recognizing the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change.

Through his unwavering commitment to empowering leaders and fostering collaboration, Tim continues to make a significant impact on businesses and communities alike, shaping a future of shared success and prosperity.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(626) 533-9099

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